Thursday, 22 April 2010

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When the Easter holidays were approaching I thought to myself "No problem,I can handle a 7 year old, a 5 year old and a 1 year old. I'll just take them out a few times." How wrong was I!! After day 2 it became quite clear that I would either end up with no hair or have to make a 'Plan B',so that's exactly what I did.
As we have a caravan in Surrey I decided to take the little darlings away for the second week and WOW,what a difference. They didn't bicker,I barely saw them,in fact the only time I did see them was at bed time and when they were hungry. Luckily I had taken some essential jewellery making items away with me and was quite impressed when I was actually able to make these three pieces in peace!

I have had the orange and black beads floating around for a little while but it wasn't until the beads fell onto the bed that I knew what I wanted to do with them. The pattern that they fell in is almost identical to the way I have put them together. Must have been their destiny!!
I really like how this necklace turned out,particularly as it has turned out completely different to what I was imagining. There are 3 strands of fine silver-plated chain suspended from a turquoise glass heart. 2 of the 3 pieces of chain are finished with a turquoise swarovski bicone each and the central one finished off with a feather charm.

This handbag charm consists of white acrylic beads with silver colour bell caps alternated with pink acrylic beads and finished off with a twisted pink and white glass bead and clear swarovski ab bicone.
Maybe I'll have to take them away more often!!
Until next time, Emma

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  1. Very nice they are and what a wonderful story that is...I completely agree with the destiny comment...maybe thats what you should call them.