Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Where has the time gone?

It has been so long since I last blogged I feel like I've let myself down a bit, but with good reason!!

When I got the website up and running in April of this year I expected the odd sale here and there, the odd commission from previous customers and maybe a few new orders through some of the other avenues I have been promoting the business through but boy was I wrong!

To date, there have only been a few sales through the website but I don't think I was quite prepared for the amount of work that was put my way by existing customers, friends of friends and other people who had seen my work either in person or online.

With several wedding orders under my belt, these orders including cake toppers, tiaras, bridal jewellery and bridesmaid gifts, personalised Christmas decorations, made to order jewellery and household accessories orders I had to make quite a big decision in cutting down my hours worked at my 'day job'. Although I am self-employed and work from home it became extremely difficult for me to do my job, work on my jewellery orders, maintain the house and look after the 3 children...something had to give!

After a lengthy discussion with my very supportive and understanding partner we have decided that based on the last 8 months I should focus fully on developing Urban Sophistication Designs meaning that as of December 24th I will no longer be an accountant but a full-time jewellery designer!!!
I know that there will be times when sales are rare if not non-existent but we are fully prepared for that and it means that instead of scheduling meetings, providing finance reports and auditing accounts I can plan my week so that my time is used efficiently and I can begin to regularly update my blog, Facebook, website and attend a few more craft fairs.

I was considering completely overhauling the website and using a different host but feel that as most of my sales haven't actually been through the website so far, an update and freshen up will be more than enough. With this in mind it means the website will have to be removed for a few weeks while all of this work is done.
I can begin to tell you how liberating it feels to finally be able to follow my dream.

Emma xx