Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Craft Juice Tuesday

The past week or so we have had some lovely,bright and sunny days. This weather has encouraged me to get out and sort the flower beds out. With this in mind,my Craft Juice blog this week is centred around flowers. There were some fantastic items(as always) to choose from but here are my choices this week.

My Top 3 - Tuesday 13th April 2010

At first glance I thought these hairpins were made using real flowers. It was only after reading the item description that I realised that were fabric petals! These hairpins are gorgeous,definitely something I would treat myself to!
Anyone who knows me knows that I am never without my notebook and pen. Sometimes I find the covers very boring and impersonal. This notebook cover has such a cute little feel about it that I think I definitely would want to get it out and write a lot more.

Wow,what fabulous earrings. These would be a welcome addition to any jewellery box and set of my new dress perfectly.
To see these items and more then head on over to www.craftjuice.com
Remember that Craft Juice is free to join. All you have to do is register for free and then you will be able to vote on your favourite handmade items and submit your very own handmade pieces to be voted on by the 'crafty' community.
Until next time.....
Emma xx

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